All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration

Party Conferences 2014

8 Aug 2014

The APPG on Migration is holding fringe meetings at the Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrats Party Conferences in September and October 2014. High profile speakers including Yvette Coopers MP (Shadow Home Secretary), Dr Liam Fox MP, and Vicky Pryce.

Labour Party Conference, MANCHESTER (Mon, 22 September @ 17:30)
What’s Labour’s vision of an immigration policy fit for modern Britain?
In Partnership with IPPR
Date: Monday, 22 September 2013
Time: 17:30 – 19:00

Venue: Lecture Room, Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester

M2 3JL
As the 2015 General Election looms, Labour is still trying to find the best way to talk to voters about immigration. What is Labour’s vision of the role migration plays in modern Britain and how does it fit with the range of voters’ concerns? What are the key messages that will win the support both of liberal public opinion and of those who are concerned about the impacts of migration in their communities?

Keynote speaker

Rt. Hon. Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Home Secretary
  • Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Home Secretary
  • Tim Finch, IPPR
  • Margaret Burton, Ernst & Young
  • Don Flynn, Migrants’ Rights Network
  • Paul Blomfield MP, Chair

Conservative Party Conference, BIRMINGHAM (Tuesday, 30th September @ 12:30)

Can the Conservatives win on an immigration policy fit for modern Britain?

Date: Tuesday, 30 September 2013
Time: 12:30 – 14:00
Venue: Hilton Hotel, 1 Brunswick Square, Brindley Place Birmingham

This meeting will bring together key Conservative politicians and experts to explore the government’s current immigration policies and whether tighter restrictions and tougher rhetoric addresses voter concerns. The panel will debate what a future immigration policy should look like in a modern Britian and what steps the Conservative Party needs to take to win back support from various migrant communities across the UK.

Keynote speaker

Rt. Hon. Dr Liam Fox MP, former Defence Secretary


  • Dr Liam Fox MP, former Defence Secretary
  • Alok Sharma MP, Vice-Chair of the Conservative Party
  • Councillor Stephen Mansbridge, Leader of Guildford Borough Council
  • Margaret Burton, Ernst & Young

and more

Liberal Democrats Party Conference, GLASGOW (Tuesday, 7th October @ 13:00)

How can we deliver Liberal immigration policies?

Date: Tuesday, 7th October 2013
Time: 13:00 – 14:00
Venue: Hebrides, Crowne Plaza, Glasgow

This meeting aims to bring together key political and expert commentators to discuss how the case can be made for fair and liberal immigration policies. Panellists will explore how the Liberal Democrats could turn progressive positions into reality following the 2015 general election.

Keynote speaker

Vicky Price, Economist & former Head of UK Government Economic Service


  • Sir Andrew Stunell MP, Lib Dem lead on Immigration Policy
  • Vicky Pryce, Centreforum
  • Ibrahim Taguri, Lib Dem PPC for Brent Central
  • Margaret Burton, Ernst & Young
  • Ruth Grove-White, Migrants Rights Network
and more