All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration

Upcoming: Private Roundtable on EU Settlement Scheme APPG Inquiry

On October 19 at 2pm, the APPG on Migration will hold a private meeting to shape the recommendations of an APPG Migration Inquiry into the impact of the EU Settlement Scheme on European citizens.


At the last AGM, APPG Migration officers expressed an interest in launching an inquiry into investigating the impact of the EU Settlement scheme on European citizens living in the UK. The inquiry aims to collect evidence on the main problems that EU citizens and their family members continue to encounter with the scheme since the deadline passed in June 2021. 

The APPG Migration Secretariat led this inquiry with the support of an expert Steering Group of organisations that provide frontline support to EU citizens. Over the summer, the APPG Migration Secretariat has sent out a survey to a range of service delivery, community and legal support organisations about the specific problems that EU citizens and their families are facing since the deadline has passed. The APPG Migration secretariat is now in the process of writing a report that presents this evidence and sets out suggestions and recommendations to address these issues.

More details about the publication and launch of the Inquiry Report will be published in due course.

Upcoming Private Roundtable

On Wednesday, 19th October at 2pm, the APPG Migration will host a private roundtable for Parliamentarians, facilitated by APPG co-chairs David Simmonds MP and Olivia Blake MP and tailored to APPG members.

The Roundtable will offer the opportunity for Parliamentarians to discuss and shape the recommendations of the Inquiry Report with the Steering Group, so that members can ensure that recommendations feel relevant and beneficial to their parliamentary work.

If you are an APPG Migration member who would like to attend, please email


Diletta Lauro