All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration

The Effects of UK Immigration, Asylum and Refugee Policy on Poverty: A Joint Inquiry by the APPG on Migration and the APPG and the APPG on Poverty

Official Launch

At the last APPG on Migration AGM, our Principles and Associates expressed an interest in launching an inquiry into investigating how UK immigration policies contribute to poverty among migrant communities. Thus, today we are officially launching an inquiry into The Effects of UK Immigration, Asylum and Refugee Policy on Poverty.

We have decided to embark on this inquiry with the APPG on Poverty, as traditionally anti-poverty groups and those working on immigration and asylum issues have tended to work relatively separately, despite the clear overlap of issues. 

The inquiry aims to hear from experts and those with lived experience about how different immigration policies currently contribute to poverty amongst some communities in the UK and, together, to develop a set of shared recommendations for this Government – and any future Governments. We hope that these will set out how, in the current context, UK immigration policies can balance the need to raise revenue with the need to enable those who migrate to the UK to be able to support themselves and to fully participate in, and contribute to, their wider community.

Diletta Lauro