All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration

Joint event: BNO Hong Kong Passport Holders – what happens next?

BNO Hong Kong Passport Holders – what happens next? 

A joint event from the APPG on Migration and the APPG on Hong Kong

Tuesday 21st July 6pm – 7pm 

Contact if you would like to register.

Now that China is pressing ahead with new security laws that strip Hong Kong of fundamental freedoms, anyone currently living in Hong Kong and eligible for a BNO passport will be permitted to enter the UK with the right to study and work, for five years. At that point, they will be able to apply for settlement and, after another year, seek citizenship, as will their dependents. There are about 3 million people eligible for a BNO passport in Hong Kong and Boris Johnson has described this as “one of the biggest changes in our visa system in British History.” 

With our expert panel, we will explore:

  1. What does the concession offer in practice to BNOs? What clarity is still required?
  2. What preparations should the UK be making – both Government and civil society – to welcome and help with the integration of BNOs who settle in the UK as a result?
  3. What impact does this policy decision have on wider migration issues in terms of pathways to citizenship?

Co-chaired by Baroness Bennett and Lord Teverson, with speakers:

  • Johnny Patterson – Hong Kong Watch
  • Simon Cheng – Former Hong Kong Consulate worker granted asylum in the UK
  • Lord Popat – Conservative Peer
  • Stephen Kinnock MP – Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific
  • Jill Rutter – British Future

This event will be recorded and shared following the event