All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration

Parliamentary inquiry into new family migration rules


The APPG on Migration Family Migration inquiry was launched on 20 November 2012 to explore the impacts of new rules on family migration that came into force on 9 July 2012. In particular, the inquiry looked at the new minimum income requirement of £18,600 for British nationals and permanent residents (‘UK sponsors’) seeking to sponsor a non-EEA spouse or partner and the new rules on sponsorship of non-EEA adult dependents applying to come to the UK.

Over 280 submissions were received by the APPG on Migration inquiry Committee, including over 170 submissions from families who had been affected by the rules. Written evidence was also received from charities, lawyers, local authorities, businesses and MPs from across the UK.

Key findings

1. Some British citizens and permanent residents in the UK, including people in full-time employment, have been separated from a non-EEA partner and in some cases their children as a result of the income requirement
2. Some British citizens and permanent residents have been prevented from returning to the UK with their non-EEA partner and any children as a result of the income requirement
3. Some children, including British children, have been indefinitely separated from a nonEEA parent as a result of the income requirement
4. The current permitted sources in order to meet the income requirement may not fully reflect the resources available to some families
5. The adult dependent relative visa category appears in effect to have been closed

Who is on the Inquiry

The inquiry is led by a cross-party Committee of MPs and peers, coordinated by the APPG on Migration. The APPG on Migration inquiry committee is chaired by Baroness Hamwee (LD) and comprises Virendra Sharma MP (Vice Chair, Lab), Viscount Robin Bridgeman (Con), Kate Green MP (Lab), Lord Qurban Hussain (LD), Sarah Teather MP (LD), Lord Robin Teverson (LD).

The facts presented and views expressed in this report are those of the APPG inquiry Committee and the content has been agreed by Committee members. The content is not necessarily endorsed by other members of the APPG on Migration, the political parties of the members of the Committee or the Migrants’ Rights Network. 

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