All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration

APPG Inquiry into the Impact of the EU Settlement Scheme on EU citizens in the UK – report available

The EU Settlement Scheme opened in 2019 and the deadline for applications was 30th June 2021. Those with pre-settled status are required to re-apply for settled status; there remain 188,170 outstanding applications; and there are individuals yet to make an initial application. It therefore remains important to continue to monitor how the scheme is operating.

The report, which is based on submissions from frontline organisations working with EU citizens to secure their status, offers an evidence-based overview of the current concerns associated with the EU Settlement Scheme. The launch will include the presentation of recommendations from the inquiry together with organisations providing direct support to EU citizens in the UK EUSS

The APPG inquiry surveyed over 30 organisations across the UK that provide advice to EUSS applicants. We are aware that, with over 6.9 million completed applications, the EUSS has been the biggest immigration regularisation scheme ever implemented in British history. It’s presumption of ‘saying yes’ rather than ‘saying no’ to applications, and a digital application process which was, for many, simple and straightforward, has meant that the EUSS has been successfully able to honour our responsibilities to many EU citizens and their families after we left the EU. However, the report identified some outstanding challenges, and in consultation with experts working in this field, a number of key recommendations have been formulated.

A downloadable version of the inquiry’s full Report is now available.

Diletta Lauro