How can we ensure a level playing field for all workers?

5th March 2014, Boothroyd Room, House of Commons

This meeting allowed a discussion between key politicians, experts, and business figures from across the UK on how immigration policy, labour market regulation and workplace enforcement can contribute to the creation of a level playing field for all jobseekers and workers. It considered whether current mechanisms are adequate to address any negative impacts of immigration in low-paid sectors of the economy, and what further measures may be needed into the future.


  • Sir Andrew Stunell MP - Liberal Democrats, House of Commons
  • Lord Rosser - Labour, Shadow Home Affairs Spokesman in the House of Lords
  • Sonia McKay - London Metropolitan University
  • Alex Glennie - Institute for Public Policy Research
  • Jackie Grech - British Hospitatlity Association


  • Paul Blomfield MP


  • Esther McVey MP - Minister of State for Employment
  • James Brokenshire MP - Minister of State for Borders and Immigration
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